The Tribune Hote - RomeLampade da parete in metallo nero e dettagli in finitura bronzo, studiate appositamente per le stanze dell’Hotel Tribune nel centro di Roma. L’esperienza dei nostri tecnici e maestri artigiani, garantisce un prodotto di alta qualità nel rispetto delle normative e degli standard internazionali.


With a vision to convey authentic Italian culture and bring an unparalleled sense for the warmth and depth of light to every product, Lumis have grown to become one of the most sought-after lighting solution companies in the world. Their products feature in such prestigious locations as the Westin Excelsior in Florence, The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills and the Palazzo Versace in Dubai, all testaments to the finest quality experience.

Cooperations with both local and international designers create consistently high-end products and the signature Lumis culture where Tuscan handcrafted traditions blend harmoniously with innovative tech expertise, essential shapes and high-quality materials to create dynamic and elegant lighting solutions revered the world over.Q28 116-130 LIONETTI1


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AT0062BFrom the latest partnership among Italo Bonfanti and Alberto Grassi was born Lumis 900 a collection of distinctive lamps ispired by the modernist movement and the XX Century.